Cash Pooling Process

What is Cash Pooling?

Cash Pooling Process is a Cash Management technique that helps organisations in managing their cash centrally. Cash Pooling addresses the challenge of managing the fund laying in multiple bank accounts. Balances of different bank accounts are aggregated into concentration account. This helps companies centralise liquidity management.

Order to Cash Cycle | SAP FI-SD Integration

This article will give you an overview of Finance (SAP FI) and Sales (SAP SD) Integration with Order to Cash cycle with accounting entries.

What is Order to Cash Cycle?
“Order to cash” or O2C cycle starts with pre-sales activity. It involves sales order from customers and ends with receiving the payment from customers.

This cycle is handled in SAP through “Sales & Distribution(SAP SD)”, “Inventory management” and “Finance and Controlling(SAP FICO)” modules.

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Golden Rules of Debit and Credit : Basic Accounting

Golden rules of accounting convert complex book-keeping rules into a set of well defined principles which can be easily studied and applied. They are also called the traditional rules of accounting or the rules of debit and credit.

In accounting every transaction is recorded. And Every transaction involves two accounts. One account receives the benefits and the other accounts gives the benefits. The account which receives the benefits is called the Debit Accounts and the account which gives the benefits is called the Credit Accounts. And the value of debit entry is equal to the value of credit entry. Continue reading “Golden Rules of Debit and Credit : Basic Accounting”