J3RCREV – Clear Reversed Invoices (Russia) | SAP FI

  • TCode: J3RCREV
  • Program: J_3RCREV
  • Description: Clear Reversed Invoices
  • Menu Path: Accounting → Financial Accounting → Accounts Payable → Periodic Processing → Country-Specific Functions → Russia → Clear Reversed Invoices.

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How to make field editable in FB02 for already posted documents | SAP FI

In this post, we will check how we can make a field editable in Transaction Code FB02  for already posted documents.

In SAP, there are many fields which can never be changed in FB02 TCode under any circumstances once the document is posted. The reason behind such restrictions is to protect important accounting document data and to avoid fiscal period closer problems, e.g., audit control, out of balance situations.

How can we activate a field for change in Transaction code FB02?

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SEPA Mandate integration with BP | S4HANA

Issue Description

  • Integration of SEPA Mandate and BP (Customer or Vendor) is not active.
  • SEPA DD Mandate Button not active under BP Master Data – Payment Transactions tab.
  • SEPA Mandate cannot be created from FD01 or XD01.
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Address Table: Company Code, Customer, Vendor | SAP

In this article, we will explore various tables related to

  • Company Code
  • Vendor
  • Customer

And the linkage between different SAP tables.

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