Important SAP FICO Tables

This page contains information about various important SAP FICO Tables. This is an ever-evolving page, so if you do not find details of any table or if you are looking for information related to some specific table do let us know in comment section.

Enterprise structure / SAP FICO Basis Customizing SAP Tables

Table Description Table Name
1. Clients T000
2. Company Codes T001
3. Global Company Data T880
4. T Document Types T003
5. Directory of Charts of Accounts T004
6. G/L account groups T077S 
7. Fiscal Year Variants T009
8. Credit control areas T014
9. Posting period variant T010O/P
10. Permitted Posting Periods T001B
11. Language Keys T002
12. T Countries T005
13. Units of Measurement T006
14. T Business Areas TGSB

General ledger G/L accounts related SAP Tables

Table NameTable Description
1. SKA1G/L accounts (chart of accounts)
2. SKB1 SKB1 G/L accounts (company code)
3. SKA1T G/L accounts (chart of accounts) translation in different languages
4. SKM1 / T Sample G/L accounts
5. SKPF Inventory Sampling
6. SKAS Chart of accounts: keyword list

Customer / Creditor / Business Partner related

Table NameTable Description
1. KNA1 Customer Master General Data at Country Level
2. KNASVAT Registration Numbers
3. KNB1Customer Master Company Code Data
4. KNB5Customer Master Dunning Data
5. KNB4Customer Master Payment History
6. KNBKCustomer Master Bank Data
7. KNC1Transaction Posting Figures
8. KNC3Special GL Data

Vendor / Debtor /Business Partner related

Table NameTable Description
1. LFA1Vendor Master General Data at Country level
2. LFB1Vendor master Company Code Data
3. LFB5Vendor Dunning Data
4. LFASVAT Registration Number
5. LFBKVendor Bank Details
6. LFC1Vendor Transaction Figures
7. LFC3Vednor Special GL Transaction figure
8. LFM1Record Purchasing Organisation
9. T078KVendor Master Data Transaction Screen Selections

SAP-FI: Accounting documents (postings)

Table NameTable Description
BKPFAccounting Document Header
BSEGAccounting Documents Line Items
BSIDCustomer Open Items
BSIKVendors Open Items
BSADCustomer Cleared Items
BSAKVendor Cleared Items
BSISGL Open Items
BSASGL Cleared Items
BSIPVendor Validation of Double Document
BSETTax Data Document Line
BSECOne Time Account Line Items
VBKPFParked Document Header Data

House Banks related tables in SAP

Table Name Table Description
T012House Bank Details
T012THouse Bank Account ID Description
T012KHouse Bank Account Details
BNKABank Master Details
TIBANBank Account IBAN Details

Payment (= pmnt) Methods related Tables

Table NameTable Description
T042Parameters of Payment Transaction. FBZP -> All company code details
T042BFBZP -> Paying Company code Details table
T042EFBZP -> Payment Method in Company Code details
T042ZFBZP -> Payment Method in Country
T042WFBZP -> Payment Method in Country -> Permitted Currency
T042A FBZP -> Bank Determination -> Ranking Order of House bank
T042D FBZP -> Bank Determination -> Available Amount
T042IFBZP -> Bank Determination -> Bank Account Determination
T042VFBZP -> Bank Determination -> Value Date for Automatic Program
T042SFBZP -> bank Determination -> Expenses/Charges for Automatic Payment Transactions
T042FPayment Method Supplement ID and Text
T042HPayment Method Supplement Language Description
T008Payment Block Details Table
T042NBank Transaction Codes
T042KAccounts for Bank Charges
T042J Bank charges determination
T042GGroups of Company Code

Tolerance Groups (TG) related Table

Table NameTable Description
T043GTolerance group for Customer and Vendor Accounts
T043GTTolerance Group for Customer and Vendor Accounts Language-specific description
T043STolerance for Groups of GL Accounts
T043STTolerance for Groups of GL Accounts Description in different Language
T043TFI Tolerance Group per Company code
T043Assign User to Tolerance Group
T043ITolerance Group for Person Processing Inventory Difference
T043KControl of Payment Notices to Customer / Vendor
T043UPaying Company Code – Payment method combination Negative grace period

Interests in SAP FICO processes

Table NameTable Description
T056Interest Settlement: Name, Type and Description
T056GInterest Calculation Rules
T056RReference Interest Rate Description
T056SInterest scale interest terms (acct
T056ZCurrency wise Interest Rate

Tables related to Taxes

Table NamesTable Description
T007ATax Codes or Tax Keys for all Tax Procedures
T007STax Code/Key Description
T059ACountry wise Tax Recepient for Vendor
T059BDescription for Withholding tax Class for Vendors
T059CTypes of Recipient: Vendors per Withholding Tax Type
T059DTypes of Recipient: Vendors per Withholding Tax Type
T059ECountry-wise Income Types
T059GDescription of Country-wise Income Types
T007B Tax processing in Accounting.
T059FFormulas for Calculating Withholding Tax
T059PCountry-wise Withholding tax types
T059ZCountry-wise Withholding tax code (enhanced functions)

Currency related Tables in SAP

Table NameTable Description
TCURC Currency codes (Report RFTBFF00)
TCURTCurrency Code name
TCURR Transacrtion Code OB08, Exchange Rates
TCURXDecimal Places in Currencies
TCURFExchange rate type Conversion Factors
TCURVExchange rate types for currency translation

SAP Tables – Without Category

Table NameTable Description
CDHDR Change document header
CDPOS Change document items
JCDS Change Documents for System
JEST Change Documents for User Status
JSTO Status object information
ARCH_OBJ Objects for archiving and reorganization
SNAP Snapshot for Runtime Errors (Dumps)
TBTCO Job status overview
TBTCP Batch Input step overview
DDSHPVAL5 Personal Help Values

Variants (Reports & Jobs)

Table NameTable Description
VARID Variant for Reports
VARIT Description of Variant for Reports
TVARV Variables in selection criteria
VARIS Assignment of variant to selection screen

Transport Requests tables

Table NameTable Description
E070 Header of Requests
E71K Header of Tasks (View: E070V)
E070C Source / Target Client of Requests / Tasks
TLOCK Change and Transport System: Lock Table

SAP-CO: Controlling / Cost center

Table NameTable Description
CSKA Cost elements (chart of accounts)
CSKB Cost elements (controlling area)
CSKU Cost element texts
CSLA Activity master
CSLAT Activity type texts
CSKS Cost center: Master
CSKT Cost Center Texts
CSSK Cost center: Cost element
CSSL Cost center: Activity
COSP CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
COEP CO Object: Line Items (by Period)
COBK CO Object: Document header
COST CO Object: Price Totals
TKA01 Controlling areas
TKA02 Controlling areas assignment
KEKO Product Costing – Header Data
KEPH Cost Components for Cost of Goods Mfd
KALO Costing Run: Costing Objects (KVMK)
KANZ Sales order items – costing objects
CEPC-T Profit Center Master Data Table
CKPH-T Master Record: Cost Object ID Number

Orders (Cost Accounting) tables

Table NameTable Description
AUFK Order master data
AFKO Order header data PP orders
AFPO Order item

Number ranges Table

Table NameTable Description
NRIV Number range intervals
TNRO Number range objects

Text / Print / Spool / SAP Documentation

Table NameTable Description
STXFADM Smart Forms: Administration
STXB Texts in non-SAP script forma
STXH SAP script text file header
STXL SAP script text file lines
TSP01 Spool Requests
TSP02 Print Requests
TST01 TemSe – header and data (= Temp. Sequential)
TST03 TemSe – header and data (= Temp. Sequential)
TTXOB Valid text objects
TTXOT Valid text objects, see TTXID for text IDs
DOKIL Index for Documentation Table DOKH
DOKHL Documentation: Headers
DOKTL Documentation – text lines

ABAP & SAP Data Dictionary Tables

Table NameTable Description
TFDIR,TFTIT Function Module (se37) / FM short text
TRDIR Programs / Sources (REPOSRC / D010SINF)
D010TAB Where Used: Report – Tables
T100 Messages
TSTC and TSTCT Transaction Codes (= TC)
TSTCP Parameter for transactions
PATH Physical paths / file names

Automatic Payment Run F110 Tables

Table NameTable Description
REGUHTransaction Code F110 table: Settlement data from payment program
REGUP Transaction Code F110 table: Processed items from payment program
REGUA Transaction Code F110 table: Change of payment proposals: user and time
REGUHMPayment Data for Cross-Payment Run Payment Medium
REGUPWW/tax information per w/tax type/FI line item in pmnt run
REGUS Transaction Code F110 table: Accounts blocked by payment proposal
REGUS_SEPASEPA Mandate Lock: Applications To Be Retrieved
REGUT Transaction Code F110 table: TemSe – Administration Data
REGUTAPaying Company Codes for DME Files

SAP Dunning Run F150 SAP Tables

Table NameTable Description
MHNKTransaction code F150 table: Dunning data (account entries)
MHND Transaction code F150 table: Dunning data
KNB5Customer master (dunning data)

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