SAP Company Code Tables and Transaction

In this article, we will check how Company Codes are created in SAP. And further, we will explore SAP Company Code Tables where Company code details are stored.

What is a Company Code? A company code is described by 4 Characters in SAP. It is the smallest organizational unit in SAP, for which a complete, self-contained set of accounts (Ledger and Sub-ledger) are created.

All business transactions (documents, invoices, and others) relevant for Financial Accounting such as the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement are maintained and evaluated at company code levels.

Steps to Creating a Company Code in SAP

  1. Create a Company Code

    SPRO Path to Create a Company Code in SAP:
    SAP Customizing Implementation Guide -> Enterprise Structure ->Definition->Financial Accounting->Edit, Copy, Delete, Check Company Code.
    SAP TCode: OX02.
    Next, enter the relevant details. Below is an example of a Company Code in SAP

    OX02 Company Code Details

  2. Maintain the Company Code Address

    OX02 Company Code Address

  3. Assign Company Code Company

    Final Step in Company code creation is assigning it to a Company in Transaction Code OX15

Generate SAP Company Code List:

  1. Transaction Code: OBY6 can be used to check the list of Company Codes created in SAP.
  2. Or, transaction Code OX02 can be used to check the list of Company Code in SAP.
  3. Alternatively, we can check the list of Company codes from SAP Table T001.

SAP Company Code Tables

  1. Table T001
    Details maintained in Transaction Code OX02 and OBY6 are stored in table T001. Information like Company Code name, city, country, fiscal year variant, chart of account and others.
    Company Code Table
    Table ADRC stores the address of the Company Code Created in SAP in Transaction OX02 or OBY6.
    OX02 Company Code Address

The connection between Company Code Table-T001 and Company Code Address taBLE-ADRC

Table T001 stores Company Code details and Table ADRC stores Company Code Address.
Both these tables are connected by Address number, which is stores in field T001-ADRNR and ADRC-ADDRNUMBER.
T001-ADRNR connection with ADRC-ADDRNUMBER

In Company code table T001, field ADRNR stores the Address number of the company Code. And, we can use this number to check the Company code address in table ADRC by entering the address number in field ADDRNUMBER of table ADRC

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