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  1. alka swami says:

    when I opened Tcode FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP, I got a different screen where profit centre and segment fields are mandatory

  2. Mani says:

    Thanks a ton Sadique

    This t-code FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP does not exist. This is the error I am getting… we are on ECC 6.04

  3. Ranjan says:

    Hi Sadique,

    Thanks for detailed picture of open item management scenario.
    As per SAP help, it is said that for Tax accounts Open item management should not be selected but for withholding tax accounts it is always checked.

    All VAT accounts are open item management unchecked but all Withholding tax accounts are open item management checked.

    What would be the reason?

  4. Brenda says:

    Can recon accounts be set to open item management?

  5. Arnold says:


    I don’t reach to use the transaction FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP , because in my test system, when I enter the tcode screen, it appears with two mandatory fields : Segment and Profit center. However, I didn’t activate neither Segment nor Profit center accounting (I didn’t activate CO) in my company code customizing.

    How can I make both fields be non-mandatory in FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP screen ?

  6. Victoria Ceban says:

    I have tried the transaction FAGL_ACTIVATE_OP. In test run it works perfectly, but when I remove the test run, I receive an message: Correction node only possible in background due to long run time. what does it mean? because when I check FS00 – the open item management is not there… I try to clear the account… no open items 🙂
    please urgent HELP!!!

  7. naved says:

    please help me i am facing similar problem

  8. Bharati says:

    Try to run in background

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