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TCode for Creating Company Code in SAP FI – OX02

Company Code Creation in SAP FI Tcode - OX02

Enter the Following things for Creating New Company Code in SAP : TCode OX02

  1. COMPANY CODE :- A 4-Character name given to organisational unit within a Company’s Financial Accounting. All the financial transactions like Customer Invoice, Vendor Invoices, etc are posted into this entity so that legal financial statements like Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement can be produced with respect to this Entity.
  2. COMPANY NAME :- Unlike Company Description Company Code description is mandatory.
  3. ADDITIONAL DATA :- Address for your company.
    1. CITY
    2. Country
    3. Currency
    4. Language

The New Company Code “SG01 – SAP ASIA” is Created in Our Case.

Another Company Code for our Company “RRC” but for Genmany Location is “0001 – SAP A.G. Germany”

Company Code Creation in SAP FI Tcode - OX02


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