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TCode for Creating A New Company in SAP FI : OX15

Company Creation in SAP FI Tcode - OX15


Enter the Following things for Creating a New Company Code in SAP FI TCode OX15

  1. COMPANY :- It is a unique Company ID of a company within your Corporate Group. Company ID is an independent organisational unit for which you can draw independent financial statements according to statutory requirements. A Company is represented by 6-character company ID in SAP. And A company can be assigned to more than one Company Code. And to define a Company with more than one company Code there are certain requirements like all the participating company Code should use the same chart of account but can have different local Curriencies
  2. COMPANY NAME :- Name of your Company. Like Apple Inc.
  3. NAME OF COMPANY 2 :- Can be left Blank. It is an alias name
  4. DETAILED INFORMATION – Below details are used to input the address details of the company, for example Address of your Company Head Office.
    1. Street :
    2. PO Box:
    3. Postal Code :
    4. City :
    5. Country :
    6. Language Key :
    7. Currency :

The New Company “RRC – rr Computer Company” is Created in Our Case.


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