SAP TCodes

Transaction Code for various processes:

  1. FBKP: This transaction code is used to Maintain Automatic Config
    Transaction code FBKP


    • Automatic Postings for various Transaction Keys like KWD, and others.
    • Special GL Account list for both Vendor and Customer.
    • Posting Keys related configs.
    • Document Type related Configs.
    • Clearing Procedure.
    • Fiscal Year Variants.
    • Field Status Variant
  2. F110: This Transaction code is used to execute an Automatic Payment Run.
  3. OBB8: This Tcode is used to maintain the Payment Terms in SAP.
  4. OB08:  This Tcode is used to maintain the Exchange Rates in SAP.
Sl NoTCodeTransaction Code Description
1F-53Manual Post Outgoing Payment.
2FBV0Post Park Document.
3F-43Enter Vendor Invoice.
4FBE1Create New Payment Advice.
5F-58Manual Payment with Printout for cheque Payments.
6FBZ5Print form for Payment Document for cheque PM. Some details are configured in OBVU.
7F.62Generate Internal Document. We can use “Correspondent o/p control” to print in desired format.
8FBRAReset and Reverse the Clearing document.
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