How to cancel payment run F110? New Program RFF110S_REVERSE

Automatic Payment run or APP or F110 is one of the most used functionality in SAP. Almost all company who uses SAP, uses Automatic payment run for making the payments like Vendor Payments, Tax payments, or Customer Direct Debits. And one of the most common challenges faced in this functionality is how to cancel payment run and reverse the payment documents.

In this blog we will discuss both the traditional and the new functionality of reversing the payment run F110.

The Traditional and painful way of reversing the payment run F110 is FBRA and F.80. This is the manual approach of doing this.

Believe it or not, SAP has come up with a solution for this. The new Program “RFF110S_REVERSE” can be used to reverse the payment documents created from F110, Automatic payment Run.

The program RFF110S_REVERSE resets all cleared items and reverses all payments of complete payment run F110. Previously, BEFORE this program, we needed to do it manually one be one with FBRA + FB08 (or F.80 for mass reversal).

I personally think, SAP should have created a new TCode for the same. Or if, SAP has one please let me know in comment.

This program has some limitations. Like, it cannot reverse a payment run for which a DME file is created. Now, this is again a painful scenario. As many a time bank rejects the DME file and the only option left is to reverse the payment documents and regenerate the DME file. And in this situation this program cannot be used.

But in my opinion, the restriction are good to have as in those situations where the file is already sent to the bank and may already be processed or could not be stopped, then we need to stop and think  – why do we need to reverse at all? Yet if we decide we need to reverse regardless, then take care of payment medium first. And then go for the reversal.

To address the issue discussed above related to reversal. Follow the following steps:

  1. First, delete the DME file or Payment medium file via FDTA or F110
    This will delete the entries from REGUT table.
  2. Next, we need to delete the entries from DFPAYG table.
    For this, we have to make use of the program RFPAYM_RESET.

Once all these steps are completed, we can reverse the payment documents with the help of program RFF110S_REVERSE.

If above steps are not followed, we might get the following error:
Payment media have already been created for payment run xx/xx/xxxx xxxx

Screenshot showing the Details of Program RFF110S_REVERSE\

If you know a better way to address the payment document reversal issue, do let me know in the comment below.

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