Payment Reference(BSEG-KIDNO)

Payment reference numbers(VIITE in Finnish language) are often used in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. These countries also have rules for the structure of the payment reference. Check digit procedures are used to check that these rules are followed.

FM which performs this check is: FI_PAYREF_CHECK

SAP Error: If Wrong Payment Reference is entered:

Payment reference 447781 is incorrect for Finland. Message no. F0494

Following SAP Notes are related to this FM:

  1. SAP Note: 1916859 – KIDNO check has errors with CPD vendors
  2. SAP Note: 2030508 – Check of payment reference (KIDNO)
  3. SAP Note: 2728907 – DK: Switch off validation for Payment Reference Field (KIDNO)
  4. SAP Note: 157671 – Termination on creating payment medium for Finland

Example of Few Finnish Payment References are

  1. 44778
  2. 1234561
  3. 567812346

To understand more on the Finnish Reference Number, please check following link

Reference Number Concept:

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