Bigrock: How to add DNS TXT record for Google Verification?

In 2015, Google re-branded Google Webmaster Tool as Google Search Console. Google Search Console is your one-stop destination, if you want to improve indexing status of your website in Google Search Results. Additionally, it also helps in optimizing the visibility of your website. In this post, we will check how to add the TXT DNS record for Google Search Console verification at Hostinger and start using the amazing Search Console tool free of cost.

1. Login to your bigrock account

Add TXT DNS Record for Domain Owner Verification at your website’s hosting account for Google Verification Process. For Example, if you have registered the domain name from some other website and have hosted your website at Bigrock, then in this case you should add the TXT DNS Record at Bigrock. If your have domain name and hosting, both, at Bigrock then in that case also you have to add the TXT Record at BigRock website.

After logging into your BigRock account, you will see something similar to below screen shot. Click on your domain name, as highlighted in the screen shot below.


2. Domain Admin Area > DNS MANAgement

At Domain Admin Page you will find many options as shown in the below screen shot.

Scroll down and look for the heading “DNS Management“, as shown in the below screen shot. And then click on “Manage DNS” option.

"Manage DNS" option

3. Adding DNS txt Records

Next click on “TXT Records” tab, the button is highlighted in the screen shot above. And then on the “Add TXT Record” Button.

Add TXT Record at BigRock for Google Verification

Add the following details in the fields:

  1. Host Name : Keep it blank. (In case you are using a sub-domain enter the sub-domain details here. Sub-Domain name will look something like
  2. Value : This you have to copy from the Google Search Console Verification Page. You can find more information on this from this link, under the step 3 – Step 4. Do not make any changes to what you ahve copied from the Search Console Page, like removing the double quotes (“) from extreme ends of the string/sentence.
  3. TTL: 7200 seconds, this is suggested by Google.
Add TXT Record at BigRock for Google Verification

Click “Save” and we are done.

Refresh the page to check if the TXT Record is added successfully. Next, go to Google Search Console page and try the Verify option. Verification process at Search Console Page sometimes take slightly longer time. In my case, it was verified on the next date, roughly 4 to 6 hours later. And the good part is that you don’t have to verify it manually. Which means, once you have added the DNS TXT Record, Google will automatically verify your Domain Ownership and will updated the Search Console Tool. So that, the next time you login to you Google Search Console Site you will find your website is already verified successfully.

For more detailed information on how to proceed with the verification process, do check my bolg “How to submit website to Google Search engine?“.

In case, you face any issue or have any query, please do white to me in the below comment and I will try to help you out with your query or concern.

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